Week 24- THANK YOU!!!


Today I am thankful for the MKMMA course, the leaders, the vision, and the decision to take action on the vision. This self discovery environment that I’ve been a part of has enabled me to think for myself. Because of the course, I’ve stepped away from a controlled working environment. I’ve decided to revisit my DMP, take out what I thought I wanted and add in my childhood dreams that are still burning deep down. image


This webinar in Week 24 is my beginning. I received the answer that I’ve been looking for. Mark J said I will find gifts and purpose when I let go of everything. This phrase by Shakespeare has now been crowned as one of my favorites: “The meaning of life is to find my gift. My purpose is to give it away.” image Thank you Mark J for defining love in the webinar. Love being the source of my spirit, the reason for my existence, worth living for, and worth dying for.

Whitney Houston sings a beautiful song about love. image This worship song always brings me to tears at church: Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me. It’s truly the greatest gift of all. image


Week 23- ALL ME!


When I say I needed this webinar, I mean I needed this webinar. These last 8-10 weeks of the course, I pondered about changing my DMP. I also contemplated on dropping the course. It’s a hard pill to continue to swallow: the life I’m living is the life I actually chose. Too difficult to admit that if I don’t like it, I can change it at any point because I’m always in creation mode.

I really wanted to put 100% into this course with the work, the blogs, the alliance. What stopped me? It’s easy to say I didn’t have enough time, I had too much going on in my personal life, or I had to work and I was too tired to give it my all. But the truth of the matter is that I stopped myself.

Life is a series of decisions that I have made (Law of Karma)

I got in my own way. I was a wolf chewing off my own foot. As Mark J stated in the webinar, I’m living life feeling like the victim but I’m setting my own trap.

I want to be successful in this course and in life, therefore, I commit right now to taking 100% responsibility for every experience in my life.


My accomplishments, my temporary defeats, my physical/mental health, my income, my debts, my emotions, and the quality of my relationships. Not easy to accept but I do. Not only do I accept the circumstance, but I transform these moments into better moments and better circumstances. I commit to finishing strong!!!

Week 22A- Know Your Rights


I have a right to be rich and a right to be happy. Listening to Wallace Wattles during Week 22A while working on gratitude and makeover the last few weeks, I realized that I have a right to search from within. I need to look within myself to find any solutions to any problems. I have a right to be self-reliant.

Ralph Waldo Emerson on Self-Reliance states a man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best. image.jpegAfter all, they say it’s not work if you love what you do. I developed this character trait at an early age.

No one did the work for me. I didn’t wait around for someone else to tell me what to do. I didn’t depend on someone else to finish my job. I became ultimately independent. The MKMMA course does just that. They don’t influence my thinking. They teach me how to become an independent thinker.

Last workplace, I’ve witnessed how people don’t make decisions and they go along with everyone else. I began to behave that way. Then I began to search from within. The preacher used to say God equipped us with everything we need. Now that I know my rights and am equipped to defend my rights by searching from within, I can truly succeed. I’m behind a few weeks but I did it!!!! image.jpeg

Week 22- Learning How To Overcome My Emoji’s



The one who wins is the one who has learned to control (master) his/her emotions. 😜 Looking over an insult, forgiving someone who has wronged you, moving forward with no regrets, and smiling when it seems you have every right to be angry is what I define as mastering my emotions. ☺️ One would say that’s out of my character but by the end of this course I’m declaring one to say I’ve changed because I’ve learned how to master my emotions. The things that I would have been upset about, I laugh about and let it go. 😄


Week 22 has been tough. 😁 I believe once you’re exposed to something, you began to recognize it in your environment. 😳 This week has not been all glory. I’ve had to apologize to people that I said some harsh things to. 😡 So I made up in my mind to stop saying things that I would have to come back and apologize for. That’s the whole Og Mandino mastering my emotions.


I heard in church Sunday, you do what you can, and let God (Universe) do what you can’t. 🙏🏽Haanel says if I change the rate of my vibration, then I change the nature, quality, and form. Franklin’s character trait, discipline, was the focus during the 3rd week. So I knew how important it was for me to focus on discipline and self-control. Even though I’m far from perfect, I strive to be better than the day before. 😎


WEEK 21-Power of Big Thoughts



This week has been about me thinking beyond the circumstances. I have been focusing on thinking big thoughts. In Paragraph 7, Haanel discuss one of the secrets of success and methods of organizing victory is thinking big thoughts. I believe the size of my success is largely due to the size of my belief. Big accomplishments follow big thoughts. That’s something that I have lacked here within the last year.
I’m now trusting my creator for something big. This course continues to push me to experience all that’s in store for me and experience a more fulfilling life. This statement gets me every time, “Focus on the intention and not the method.” I catch myself most times thinking about what I don’t have or the lack thereof instead of what I truly want, my heart’s desire.
The other day I had a revelation: if I can dream it, it can happen. I truly believe there are big plans for me. Sometimes my thoughts and visions are too limited, but in trusting the Divine Power to help me expand my thinking and bring to pass those big dreams I’ve had since childhood.



Week 20- Over The Hump


We are all living the life we chose says Davene. Is it me or are these webinars becoming more live and powerful? What an eye-opener with the compounding progression! Trish helped me connect the dots by tying the exercises since Day 1 all together with the Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.


I love the fact that I’m getting over the hump and the future me is already successful. I have to admit that I have been a fox who was all over the place. This particular webinar gave me a specific plan that was better than my plan. image As stated in Wooden’s definition on ‘Cooperation,’ I’m interested in finding the best way instead of having my way.


So, I’ve decided to start living my life like a hedgehog. To be able to focus on just two things like the A & B suggested in the webinar, I believe to have found a way to win!! image Yay! I can expect to live a more fulfilled life and I can expect my business to expand more rapidly. Thank you to the leaders of this MKMMA. This week has been a treat! Muah!

Week 19- Value My Ability To Think



This statement from Bruce Lee about sums up my experiences throughout the MKMMA course. Haanel states in Lesson 19 that the mind is the real and the eternal. Matter has no principle but mind is the only principle. He also mentions the mind being powerful and how it evidently controls every other power. image

Imagine that? Our mind is the most powerful asset we have. I’m starting to understand why people say you have everything you need to succeed. I am already equipped with the best weapon- my thoughts.


What I do with my thoughts is of my choosing. image Sometimes I’m a drifter procrastinating the work, thus making the week a struggle. Other times, especially when I’m faithful to the exercises, my week is a breeze.


Now I notice how my mindset is shifting. I refer back to Og Mandino in the Greatest Salesman: “each minute of today will be more fruitful than hours of yesterday. My last must be my best.” I replace a few words in that statement and re read it as this: “each thought of today will be more fruitful than thoughts of yesterday. My last thought must be my best.”  imageTherefore I continue to value my ability to think positive thoughts that are effective, producing results I desire. Week 19 and I’m still here!